YouTube 360 degree Video Ads

Interactive video ads
via the world's largest
video sharing service

YouTube 360 degree video ads allow your audience to interact and engage with your brand in an entirely new way. It's an opportunity to provide an immersive experience that standard video ads just can't achieve.

It’s still early days but the current findings show that 360 degree video ads on YouTube had improved view-through rates of over 30% compared to standard YouTube video ads. This is a solid indicator that viewers are receptive to the increased interactivity and exploration that 360 degree video content provides.


See some examples below of brands already utilising 360 video for ad campaigns on YouTube.

360 degree interactive viewing on YouTube is currently available on Google Chrome for desktop and the YouTube app for Android and iOS.

Coca Cola 360 Video Ad
Nike 360 Video Ad
Bud Light 360 Video Ad

Cardboard friendly!

360 degree video ads can also be experienced with Google Cardboard virtual reality headsets when viewed on the YouTube app for Android and iOS mobile devices.

With virtual reality, viewers with a Google headset handy will be further immersed in your ad content and may even feel like they’re inside the scene!


What we offer...

Pano-Ad can cover the full production workflow, from concept development to 360° videography, post-processing, editing and encoding right through to delivery of the final product to your YouTube Channel. We do it all but are also happy to collaborate with other parties to deliver specific areas of the production workflow.
We also offer delivery of the produced video for other platforms, whether it be for viewing on a webpage, development of an app for iOS and Android devices or virtual reality platforms such as Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and more.

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Please drop us a line or give us a call. We'd be happy to discuss your project vision and requirements. We can collaborate with ad agencies or work with companies and organisations directly.
360 video ads can be delivered as part of a YouTube ad campaign which can be set up in Google AdWords as TrueView ads. 360 videos can also be uploaded to a company or organisation's YouTube channel.

We are available for 360 degree video production in Australia and abroad.