Building customised mixed reality
applications for various sectors

Engage and enlighten audiences with true 3D AR experiences.

We now develop solutions with Microsoft Hololens.

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Mixed reality/AR offers a combination of benefits

Be a market leader

Stand out from industry competitors by engaging audiences with progressive tech and experiences that communicate the uniqueness and relevance of your product, services and brand.

Reduce Costs

Instead of having the expense and sometimes complex logistics of presenting physical elements to communicate and market to audiences, AR can offer the virtual equivalent to the same physical scale that saves money and can be modified easier to suit different scenarios, environments and audiences.

Communicate efficient and standardised procedures and functions

AR can be used to demonstrate procedures in training environments, the functionality of any kind of object or product, or provide the same presentation experience to multiple audiences without discrepancies or mixed messages that can sometimes occur in physically resource intensive delivery.

iOS and Android mobile AR application development

Enhance your physical spaces, products and hard copy marketing materials with augmented content available on mobile consumer devices. Extend your digital reach and engage audiences on another level.

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Contact us to discuss your augmented reality requirements with our Hololens and mixed reality developers.