VR Journalism

Engage viewers with 360° photo
and video coverage in virtual reality for
news, magazine and event organisations.

PANO-AD provides production services to news organisations and magazine publications wishing to complement their traditional mediums of visual reportage with exclusive VR content and web based 360 degree video content for social media channels on Facebook and YouTube.

We also produce content for companies and charity organisations wishing to document events with immersive media.

Services include camera array operation, full-scale post production, and VR consultancy services on larger scale VR documentary/feature projects.


Immersive content for digital editions

360 Digital Editions

Putting viewers in the picture with 360° media

The interactive experience and telepresence that viewing 360 degree imagery provides will usher in the next generation of reportage and storytelling.

Using 360° degree video and/or panoramic photography for viewing with VR headsets, as well as the possibility to complement this media with web based editions that add still photos, slideshows, video, text, graphics, live sound and audio interviews , it offers a rich multimedia experience that immerses and involves viewers within the story or event – with 360° media all angles are covered.

Our small, experienced team of panoramic photographers, videographers and VR developers are available for commissioned work in Australia and the rest of Asia.