Oz Comic-Con Perth

Project Type: Custom 360° Video and VR Interactive

Features: Custom designed interface, interactive map, text box, scrolling thumbnails, hotspots, version optimised for VR platform.

No. of Panoramas/Videos: 21

View the 360° Interactive
View in VR (headset required)
360° YouTube Video (view with Chrome browser)

About This Project

The Perth chapter of Oz Comic-Con was held at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre over two days on April 11-12, 2015. The Oz Comic-Con VR team allowed access to cover the main floor areas at the convention.

This 360 degree interactive provides an immersive document of some of the action at the convention over the two days with 360° video snippets and spherical panoramas to explore the general goings on at the event. The interactive was developed with 3 versions for varying platforms  – one for desktop and mobile devices which integrates a customised interface and can be embedded on web pages; a virtual reality (VR) version which can be viewed with smartphones via a VR headset such as Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR as well the Oculus Rift; and a 360° video highlights reel for deployment on YouTube which now supports 360° interactive video. The VR version has a navigation interface and menus that can be controlled only by looking (rather than the usual clicking and tapping on screens).

This project provides live examples of how events of any type can be documented in a unique, detailed and visually stimulating way, providing cutting edge rich media to engage viewers on another level and can be showcased across a variety of media platforms.