Project Type: Room scale VR

Features: Teleportation, handheld info popups, 3D object interaction and animation.

Head Mounted Display : HTC Vive, Oculus Rift comapatible

View museum demo on YouTube
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About This Project

We’ve had some interest from heritage and educational institutions who are considering virtually exhibiting their collections with 3D scanned and photogrammetric models placed within an immersive true VR environment that can be then be navigated and explored in room scale.

Pano-Ad therefore set out to provide a basic demonstration of the possibilities which features interaction and handling of 3D scanned real world artefacts, exploration of life size models created via photogrammetry, voice over narration and handheld info cards, as well as a few quirky additions.

We can create fully featured room scale and/or seated VR exhibition applications, either built to virtualise real world museum and gallery architecture or create a whole new environment to explore exhibits.
We also offer a service to produce high resolution 3D scans of real world artefacts and objects to place in VR environments and can also be utilised as a digital preservation tool.